right and responsibility

I am going to give you my opininon on rights and responsibilities.

A right for example, is to be able to vote when your 18 in Canada.  We have many rights. I am very happy that we have rights. In some places there are NO rights. Rights come with responsibility.

Rights come with something called responsibility. We all have fredom of specch but you CAN NOT say hateful things like racial comments.  In Canada we have the right to go to school.  If you go to school your responsibility is to not get kicked out.

Human Rights

Everyone has rights because the goverments allows them to. But a right isn’t just something that isn’t illegal but in some cases that gives humans a voice or a say in things to come. But what many people forget is that with rights comes responsibility and if you dont take responsibility you lose your right. Rights include free speech, education and to vote.

Humain Rights

 All Canadians 18 and up have the right to vote for who they chose. I think we should be very thankful for this. In some places not everyone can vote. So it s our responsibility to do our research before we vote, respect others choices and actually vote.

Nighttime-Chapter3 Doctor James

Claire was there 3 days and learned alot.  They all had chores to do, they had to go out for an hour every day, Friday’s were movie nights, we had to have manditory sesions with Dr.Millone  and NEVER, EVER  under ANY circumstances go into the room with the mahagony door.
Claire sat in the living room whatching a movie with Angel and Rebecca. Simon was off somewhere. Devon was doing schoolwork, Julia and Raven were doing chores.  Stacy was in a session with Doctor Millone.  After ten minutes, Stacy came out with a skip in her step.She was going home, it was obvious.
Claire and the rest said good-byes. A man with sunglasses stood by a large car and smiled. Angel hid behind CLaire. She didn’t like him, that was obvious. Even Raven seemed a little skittish.  Devon and Simon stayed close, glaring at the man.
“Who is he?” I asked, leaning into Raven.
“Doctor James…” Raven’s voice trailed off.
“Okay, So,he’s a doctor…. what’s the big deal?”
“A DOCTOR?” Rebecca snapped. She turned on Claire, pushing her into a wall. Anger blazed in her eyes.  “He is NOT a doctor. He’s a killer. A KILLER.” her voice raised, despite her efforts to stay quiet.
“Becca, becca.” Doctor Millone soothed, gently pulling her off of CLaire.
“Get away from me! I saw what was behind the mahagony door!” Becca snapped.
“Becky no!” Julia cried,but it was too late.
“Killers! This is all some experiment! They’re going to kill us!” she screamed, before Millone injected her with a tranquillizer.  She fell to the ground.
Maybe some people DO belong here… Claire thought…But then, why aren’t we allowed in it?


God made you the way you are so acccept yourself! Your meant to be the way you are. Don’t let anyone tell you that your pathetic or stupid because you’re not. If someone’s a bully and they’re picking on you don’t worry about it because they’re just insulting you to make themselves feel better. I bet 90% of people are bullied because the bully is either being insulted at home or suffering from child abuse. The people who are getting  bullied out there don’t worry about it. They dont have anything wrong with you they just have stuff at home that is making them act that way you are you people should’nt insult you because you are yourself. So just be yourself and everything will be fine!

The Next Mario Lemieux?

I am going to write about Zdeno Chara’s hit that left Max Pacioretty with a severe concussion and 2 broken vertebrays. I feel that this hit was on purpose and he should have been suspended, but then again, I guess it’s too late now.

Chara had elbowed Pacioretty’s head into the side board seperating the Montreal bench from the Boston bench. Pacioretty layed on the ice for several minutes, and was rushed to the hospital afterwards. The game was stopped for the end of the 2nd period and continued at the 3rd and Montreal took home a 4-1 win.

A lot of discussion is going around about how the hit should have been given a suspension not just being kicked out of the game. Some people are saying because the discipline conductors son playes on the Boston Bruins he did not want to suspend the team’s star player. Wow, do you think he cares about his son’s team, or helping the NHL with the elimination of head shots?

I personally think that if I was a discipline conductor I would have suspended Chara, no matter who was on that team. It was an illegal hit, considering Pacioretty threw the puck away before Chara got there. Not to mention if Chara steps foot into Quebec, charges will be pressed.

Max Pacioretty, was let out of the hospital and told news reporters that he wanted Chara suspended. I would too if he had almost killed me. I got very upset about the hit… Oh yeah I still am.

I am still arguing about this hit. It’s like the next Mario Lemieux hit. The fact that they won didn’t matter to anyone. We were all hoping Pacioretty was alright. I still hope he’s alright and will be back in the NHL for the playoffs.